Thursday, 19 June 2014

Taste of Rain

Sitting in her living room, sipping her freshly brewed hot coffee, Celia looked outside her window as she watched the rain fall bringing in the sweet memories of the past. It was a Saturday night and like every Saturday night, she was unwinding herself from all the stress of the week. Today, it was slightly different because of the rain and the nostalgia it brought with it. 

The thunder rolled and it made her think of the day she had her first kiss with John, now her husband since the last 10 years. She closed her eyes and tried to re-live the moment.


It was raining heavily and John and Celia were struck in such a stormy weather.   John had asked Celia out on a date and she readily agreed suggesting to watch a movie so that she could playfully fight with him and later on snuggle against him but nature had some different plans. Although, the movie night was successful, now they were struck in the rain trying to cover themselves but were convinced that this rain won't stop and decided to go out in the rain walking and reaching their destination.

In the middle of the walk, John looked at Celia. Her face was sparkling as the rain drops that were falling which made John feel week in the knees. He couldn't make out if it was due to the lights outside or he never really noticed her such deeply before. His heart was pounding, beating louder like the thunder just roared which made Celia hug John as tightly as she could, scaring her for a moment. 

"You're beautiful, more beautiful than the storm around us. Your eyes have caught mine and I can't seem to look away" said John. Celia blushed and smiled at John while still holding him. They both got closer till there was no more distance that could separate them anymore. The thunder roared in the sky in the tune of their heartbeats. They both embraced each other, it didn't mattered that they were wet from head to toe. They cared for nothing else except for the fact that both of them were there in the magical moment perfect for any lover. Celia felt John's breath on her neck as he got closer, the warmth of his face, the rain on his lips. They kissed while the thunder roars and the lightning cracks. Their love had never been this stronger before. After the kiss, John whispered into her ear "I love you" and Celia whispered it back unable to speak more, enchanted by the spell.


The doorbell rang and Celia was quickly awakened by the nostalgia she was experiencing. She opened the door and it was John who grabbed her arm and quickly pulled her outside in the rain and kissed her.  Nothing had really changed in these ten years!

P.S This is my first attempt in writing fiction, stories and romance. Glad to try this as well.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Leibster Award Post ( Yayy! :D )

I know that I'm late in posting this (around a week) and I apologize. I was travelling and was without a laptop so I couldn't get this post on time but hey, I got nominated for my first award from a blogger! Thank you so much Anya :) She blogs at TheLEGEND and is an amazing blogger. I absolutely love the posts she writes regarding the quotes of the day.

Updated on my achievements page ^.^

Now with the tasks:

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have a pet dog named Scruffy and I love him to bits. He is the love of my life and I just cannot have enough of him.
  2. I sometimes wish to be born in a medieval era. The days of the kings and the queens never fails to impress me.
  3. I love Italian cuisine. Although I'm a fussy eater, I can never ever say no to Italian food.
  4. I have a thing for men with stubble. 
  5. The night sky fascinates me. The diamonds in the sky and the moon casts a spell over me.
  6. Although I listen to a wide range of music, from pop, rock, EDM, one of my favorite genre is Celtic Music. It takes me to a completely different world.
  7. When I feel low, I tend to go inside my cave hiding from people and trying to figure out the solution to the problem all by myself. It doesn't matter how many missed notifications I receive, I shall come back when I have mentally tackled the problem.
  8. I keep a small journal near me all the time. When something captures my attention, I jot down and write my thoughts about it later on.
  9. Chocolate is my only favorite flavor. It is one of the greatest thing ever on this planet after pizzas.
  10. Around 90% of my closet consists of black colored clothes but my favorite color is green.
  11. I don't watch television and haven't watched a movie since the last 1.5 years. I like to prefer reading books and blogs over this. Talk about priorities.

Anya's Questions:

Creative Writing or Journalistic Writing? Pick the one you'd rather do.
Creative Writing would be my only choice. 

Do you follow the Royal Family (of Britain)?
Well, no. Wait? Did I just said that even when I mentioned above that the kings and the queens impressed me? 

In your opinion, is Twitter better than Tumblr?
Although I see, loads of teenagers making accounts on Tumblr, I never got attracted by the site. Hands down, twitter it is. Where you can be yourself and can interact with a bunch of cool random strangers across the globe :D

What do you like to do (other than write)?
If you don't see me writing, you will either find me sitting on my bean bag with a book in my hand or under the tree trying to click a perfect shot of something that caught my eye trying to get the right angle.

If you were to write a book, where would it be set?
Somewhere in Europe, with a made up name of a country. 

What time period would your book be set in?
In the medieval era. Damn, I have now a perfect plot for my book :D

What influences your writing?
I think and feel deeply at the smallest of things that happens in my daily life and write on it. I still have to figure it out if it is a boon or a bane to be able to feel and think so deeply.

Does YA fiction appeals to you?
As a young teenager, I used to read a lot of YA fiction books. I guess, that what me got into reading. Now, I prefer philosophical books with some exceptions of course.

Are you an outdoors person or an indoors person?
Both. I love to feel the sun shining on my face, breeze flirting with my hair or sleeping under the stars and even snuggle in my cozy bed under the sheets in the comfort of my own room.

Was writing the random facts hard for you?
Not really. I could list out more :P

Do you have a big plan..for life I mean..
Yes. I do make short term and long term goals and a plan to get to achieve the same. Stay tuned to witness the transformation :D

Bloggers who I think, deserve this award (nominees):

The bloggers I mention in this part are A-W-E-S-O-M-E and you all should definitely check out their blogs.

Launna from Letters From Launna . I have been following her since the past many years. Her posts always inspire me and gives me strength to move on when I have hit the bottom of life.

Leanne Waller from Lifes Ways. I found her blog recently and fell in love with her writing style immediately. 

Anubhav Tyagi from World Of My Soul . A dear friend, he writes posts based on Romance. 

Bhaskar N from Shades n Smudges . Art lovers, you should definitely check out his sketches.

My questions to the nominees:

  1. Which is your favorite quote and why?
  2. What is the one life lesson you learned today?
  3. Why did you started blogging?
  4. Do you think Facebook is turning friends to strangers?
  5. One thing you would say to your teenage self?
  6. Was life better at the time of our ancestors or now?
  7. What lifts up your spirit when you feel low?
  8. Do you prefer texts or calls?
  9. Your latest obsession?
  10. How would you change the world, if given a chance?
  11. Bright sunny day or a rainy day?
The Rules:

  • Post the award on her/his blog.
  • Thank the nominator and link back to his or her blog.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions about yourself that the nominator has asked.
  • Nominate 11 how many ever fellow bloggers.
  • Make up 11 original questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let you nominees know they have been nominated.
Thank you so much again. Such small titles makes me happy and makes me want to be a better blogger day by day. I love you all! Keep writing those e-mails to me *wink*

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Day Without My Cell Phone

My phone died on a bright summer afternoon last month. I felt the panic and rushed back to my room and placed it into the charger but to my surprise, my phone wasn't just charging. I tried everything, tighten the wire, plugging and unplugging but the blank screen stared at me with the low battery sign flashing while I try to stab the home and power button violently.
no phone

I did not know what to do. I felt helpless, I felt handicapped. I couldn't imagine my life without this device which is now lying lifeless in my palm but then I had to let it go and figure out a solution.

So I did. I went a whole day without my iPhone till my new charger arrived the very next day. The experience, you may ask was something that taught me a lesson.

My phone was dead and I had no idea how to proceed with the day further. No more calls, no more 'chimes' whatsapp notification, no more 'buzz' twitter and facebook updates. How will I stay in touch with people? I was scared to be isolated. But later on, I realized that nearly all phone calls I make or receive or the messages on various social networking sites I send or receive are useless and pointless. Yes, they bring you closer to people but virtually. The conversations however are pointless. Why not spend that time with real people, real connections? I stepped outside and connected with friends but this time, not virtually.

It was soon sunset and diner time. I live in my campus hostel (university student, here) and we get food here in the mess. As I was going with my friends for dinner, a mutual friend, rather a stranger for me arrived at the table. Normally, I would ignore such people by playing around with my phone but now as I had no such device in my hands, I greeted him and soon we became quite good friends. Another we start as strangers story? Hmm..

Time for bed and for the first time in a long time I was able to sleep better and faster as I had nothing to glue my eyes into. Nothing that could occupy my mind and tell me to stay awake.

The next day, I got a charger but I did not charge my phone.

Life was better this way.

I no longer had the urge to see my missed notifications. I no longer wanted to stay in touch with people with whom I share no real connection. I could no longer waste my time procrastinating and can actually complete my job much earlier.

I was living in the current moment.

Like most people, I would argue that technology has been a boon to mankind and rightly so but too much of dependence on it can have repercussions, I believe.

My life has never been the same since that day.

I would love to hear your opinions on this.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Happiness comes in small packages

Cute ^.^

When I started blogging way back in the years, I wrote my first blog post on my last blog with the same name: happiness comes in small packages!

I wrote about how it was raining that day and since I love rain so much, I jumped outside and danced in the rain until it eventually stopped and it filled me with ecstasy and further concluded how we look for happiness in bigger things but how we can find happiness in the smallest of things itself.


It rained today.

I jumped out again to feel the rain.

I wasn't happy. I soon got bored and went back inside.

"What am I doing?", I asked myself. It then  reminded me of how I wrote a post on the feeling I got years back in the same situation."Is it because I have turn older?" I asked myself again. "It is important to become a child and enjoy things", I replied to myself. I then realized that I had stop being happy. I did not find happiness in small things as I used to and that needed to change.

So, I stepped outside again and welcomed the rain with open arms. I started reminding myself the reasons rain excites me so much. I paid close attention to each details as I felt the rain droplets falling on my skin, the cool breeze playing with my hair, the sweet sound of the rain droplets in my ears as it hits the ground and the smell of the wet mud. It made me happy again...

...and I danced under the rain while the nature orchestra played and the lightening became my spotlight till it eventually stopped.

I soon started finding happiness in small packages again :)


We usually find happiness in big things. A promotion, big house, expensive restaurant but fail to realize that happiness is a state of mind and we choose to be happy or not. We can find happiness is smaller things as well. Not only it is important to recognize and appreciate every moment that brings you joy, it is also important to remember those moments so that you can access it when you're feeling low. A happy memory can totally erase a bad hair day.

What makes you happy?
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